Armageddon singalong - versuri Unwritten Law |
Armageddon singalong - versuri Unwritten Law |

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Versuri Unwritten Law - Armageddon singalong

trimise de HorykuzHorykuz.

.... By the way, if anyone here is in marketing
or advertising, KILL YOURSELF!...

I'm a freak in the land of hipocracy,
I'm a man and this place is goin' down,
I'm a girl and no one wants sight of me,
and no ones left around,
I'm a jew of the few that bide into me,
and im the leader of the ku klux klan,
and I'm as black as a peddler in a trailer,
and theres no one left around cos this place is goin down,
im the keeper of freak show wannabes,
jest leave me be (just leave me be)
I'm a freak so give me a labotomy,
lock me up and throw away the key.

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