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Versuri You'll never know who she is
- Unsung Zeros

I haven't quite recovered
from being your friend
it takes so much out of me
cause I want you more but then
I realize we're not meant to be
not even in the least
but I've fallen for you anyway
(fallen for you anyway)
I'm wishing you could see.

Your face, Your eyes
please tell me you love me tonight
because right now that would mean more
than anything
your lips
form words
that make my heart beat so fast

that i'm sure
into short words
you are my everything.

maybe one day down the road
you'll know you were my crush
but knowing that would seperate us
and mess our friendship up
so now I'll sit here in the shadows
while others come and go
feeling all these things for you
(feeling all these things for you)
and wishing you could know
(and wishing you could know).

(chorus) x2