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Versuri Unsung Zeros - Louder than words

Penned this one last
Because it was the hardest
Yet it meant the most to me
At the same time
Feelings are tough to explain
When what i feel is bigger than any word
That i can find

So i wrote you this song
To tell you i love you
But i know that that's
Much less than you deserve
Its also much less
Than these feelings i'm feeling
I hope that actions
Speak louder than words

Call me whenever
And i will come running
I'm ready and waiting
Forever for you
I'll give you my whole heart
To hold as your keepsake
If you should ever need proof

Remembering the times
That we've spent together
I know how good it feels
To be held in your arms
I'm always so happy
And filled up with laughter
Whenever I'm with you
I feel safe and warm

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