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Versuri Unsung Zeros - Day in day out

wakes up in the morning and puts on his clothes
takes a step to the door, turns the key and he goes
takes a left at the light like he has for his whole working life
same worthless job everyday 9 to 5, with his nose to the grind just so he can survive
if you look in his eyes you can see that he's barely alive...

we swore when we were kids that one day we woud change the world,
but now wheres our ambition gone...

chorus: get up and get out, you've gotta get out of here
to save yourself you can be nowhere near,
small town is draggin us down and we're losin our mind

even at night everything is the same,
all the cool things have been done in so many ways
so as if i a daze, he drowns his mind out on too much tv
the problem he has is it's so hard to grow in a place where change is incredibly slow
if it happns at all it's too late for the problem o solve


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