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Versuri The immortals
- Unleashed

Rise - my armies - with power - from Hell - we march..

When all their power's gone and nothing's left but shame
We are the evil ones, a pestilence they say
We tear their souls apart by just being what we are
.. And to forever be the ones to blame.

There's nothing here for us in their world of love and trust
We vomit in their eyes and face them with disgust
We are the tyrants of the darkness as they say
.. And we will never obey.

So rise - my armies - with power - from Hell - we march..

We leave your god behind, he's shaking with fright
See the hatred in our eyes shining so bright
Possessed by Hell itself we stand up to charge
.. And rise from the flames.

This is the time for vengeance, now their end is near
We strike with hateful power, we have no fear
We are the immortals of a never ending race
.. And we shall fight 'til the end.

Now the time has come
For all the fools to pray
Come on, face the slayer
Now's your time to pay.

So rise - immortals - with power - and might - we slay..