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Versuri Unknown - I'm past my prime

From : Li'l Abner - The Musical
(Music : Gene de Paul / Lyrics : Johnny Mercer)

Daisy Mae
Marryin' Sam
I'm past my prime
What a shame
And I'm losin' time
Guess the old clock's run down
Seventeen last spring
My, what a wasted life
Still without a ring
When will you be a wife?
I'm past my peak
You're an early antique
Look at this physique
Just hear the old bones creak
Where there was a glow
There ain't a glow no more
Now the wrinkles show
Where art Thou Romeo?

Who'd think of marryin' an octogenarian,
Oh, me, oh, my
Eighty-seven year old hag
When you're in this position you'll lose your disposition
Oh, me, oh, my
All the time it's nag, nag, nag

Life's like a song
And the happiest thing
When you're young and strong
Most everyday is spring
But it's just a crime
You can't get off the time
When you're past your prime

You's past your prime
Gettin' grumpy and grey
You's on over time
Ain't making take-home pay
Every sun that sets
All through the day I frets
Brings ya more regrets
And larger silhouettes
You's climb the heights
I is over the hill
Of romantic nights
My hand has lost it's skill
Comes the cruel dawn
I's feelin' pale and drawn
Lover boy has gone
Dog gone!

I ask you who's elated when you's Methusilated
Oh, me, oh, my
Like a mummy underground
When you is antiquated ors/and dejectaquated
Oh, me, oh, my
They'd prefers you in the round

Life's just like pie
Huckleberry or peach?
When you're young and spry
Heaven's within your reach
But it's just a crime
How can it be sublime
When you're past your prime?
When you're past your prime?
When you're past your prime?

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