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Versuri Unknown - Galway rover

(Pete St. John)

I've the face of a stranger, with a smile of a rover
I'll take a glass at down Kinvarra, and a jug at Oughterard
Down the great donkey road to the hills of Connemara
To my dark spanish handsome love way down in Galway town

Where Jimmy he's my love, he's my joy he's my darling
Jimmy leaves me wonder to the ends of the world
Jimmy brings me love, gives me hope and sets me dreaming
When the leaves are turning, in his arms I'll settle down
In Galway town

The spring brings the swallow, a fresh land of the rover
Where the blushing summer roses shed their petals to the glen
And the long breathless evenings, where the loneliness is heaven
Makes the dreaming come so easy on the road to Galway town

Where Jimmy etc.

The curlew are calling, a shy form is prancing
The ferns on them bulbing by the thousand gentle eyes
All the creatures of Eireann, sing their own sweet songs of pleasure
As the rover goes a-whistling down the road to Galway town

Chorus 2x
Where Jimmy etc.

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