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Versuri Come back to playland with me
- Unknown

L/M:Maud Lambert, 1912.

The lovelight is bright in your eye, dear,
Mem'ries are bringing you joy,
I know you are thinking of childhood,
The land of the girl and the boy;
Come let's have day dreams together,
Wander once more hand in hand
Back to those days with their boy and girl ways,
Playmates in dear old Playland:.

Let's visit the old fashioned haunts, dear,
Travel on memories train,
And soon we'll be strolling through childhood,
Our hearts will be glad once again
Let's linger long o'er each fancy,
Each one will bring joy and sublime,
Each passing year will enfold charms so dear,
Playmates at dear old Playtime:.

Playland, Playland,
Land of nursery rhymes
Boys and girls in golden curls,
"Ring a rosey" times,
Childish games we played, dear,
When our hearts were free,
Mem'ries embraces will bring old faces,
So come back to Playland with me.