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Versuri Daybreak
- Unholy

O'youth seek not others
for you're seeking hell
waste not young life in vain
Sight of flesh so tender
only brings heartache and pain
It's all mirage in desert of vanity
"O'youth seek not others
but yourself - Seek well!
Only silence may reveal true warriors heart".

Seek not - be one to be sought for
whatever is brought to you - you take

"Never thank for pleasures not asked for"
In solitude the strong shall flourish
In bloom is loner's heart
Envy not others - it's their part
O'youth take my word
true wisdom is voice of tranquil heart
Those restless in youth are never truly born.

Sitting still in circle of time
watching days to break, moons to rise
Alive - still yet to be born
With my Ally I'll return - Newborn!
"Dream my earthly child dream
The eagle and the serpent
will guard your sleep".

Riding with the drum
flying on the whirling wind
on the crest of clouds
the worlds where I'm the Dweller
all rest on my palm!!!

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