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Versuri Your ever so inviting
- Underoath

trimise de UnderoathUnderoath.

In the end we tend to
Think of how it began
I could never explain
The picture it painted, and how it made me feel
Now we see this emotion
The light centered and overlooked
You want to see me disapear
Well so do i
Well So do i
Sick of all the, Evaporation.

This is the height of this house
Is this what makes us alive
I never said this was my
Revolution when youre never in line
Well now i've put this light on, so many times before
What a feeble atempt
Just to feel alive.

This is, For you and I your hopeless case
You never were, You never were

Leave me in your words to fall everytime
Every time i try, Every time you
Talk about talk about it
At least it makes you feel so bad, Inside
Here is where we stand, Feels like we stand
Oh god
Everything Everything, allaround me is dropping, in my fate
everything everything, all around me is crumbling at my feet
I stare so delicate and saved
everything i saved myself from
I stare so delicate and staved
This is for you and i, your hopeless case.

Now we'll never look back
Now we'll never
Now we'll never look back again