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Versuri Uncle Kracker - Intro

Kracker: I guess this is where I get off
Kid Rock: Yep, remember everything I told you
Kracker: Yep
Kid Rock: Got Your Song Book
Kracker: Yep
Kid Rock: Got them beats I gave you
Kracker: Yep
Kid Rock: Money
Kracker: Yep
Kid Rock: Cell Phone
Kracker: Mmm Hmm

Kid Rock: What's wrong
Kracker: What if I don't make it
Kid Rock: That's impossible
Kracker: But what if
Kid Rock: F***k what and tell if to suck my dick
Kracker: Ha
Kid Rock: I taught you to well for that
Kid Rock: Besides the money's already made and the
foundation has already been laid
Kid Rock: Now, remember the most important thing I
taught ya
Kid Rock: When it gets crazy out there with the
money and the girls and the fame
Kracker: What's that
Kid Rock: Make sure you pinch it at the top before
you roll it down
Kracker: Got it
Kid Rock: Now get out of here

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