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Versuri Ultra - Rescue me

I can't believe that I ever let you go,
And assumed your heart was broken
I wanted a love where I could come and go,
Now the door's no longer open,
Why don't you take us back to then,
No, I'll never hurt you again,
Now, I know you're all I need...

Chorus :-
You gotta come on and rescue me, yeah,
Tell me what I should be, yeah,
You gotta come on and rescue me,
What do you want me to be?

I realised that it's hard to be apart,
You discovered it could be easy,
And all I think of is,
Why get together to break apart,
You wonder why you loved me...

Repeat Chorus

Oh, you're meaning the world to me,
And I just wanna get up (get up),
And make up (make up),
Only you know how to save me,
I need you now, I need you baby...

We'll live forever, under the light,
Of the moon, the stars, all things bright,
We go together, heart and mind,
We go together, don't you find,
And if you're ever stuck someday,
Turn around call my name,
Shout it out and into the air,
I will be, I will be, I will be, I will be there...

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