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Versuri Big time
- Ultra

[K] Yeah. P-I-RE-X
[T] Yeahh, hahahaha
[K] Kool Keith
[T] It's a brand new year, and we finally made it
[K] Tim Dog
[T] We finally made it boys, to the big time
[K] Yeah
[T] The big time.
[T] We're checkin all our hizzes, and handlin all our business
[K] Handle that
[T] Hey yo, pour me some more of that champagne.

[Intro: Tim Dog]
Big time, laced down, diamonds on my wrist
Sippin Dom P in the limousine
Big time, stay crisp, always gettin chips
Makin mad moves with the gangsta lean.

[Tim Dog]
Get money, get money, how we live every day
All work, no play, it's an everyday thing, hey
Get the chips aight? No need to flip
Last brother tried to trip got licked with the clip
Rappers runnin up to me sayin, "Yo, keep it real, represent"
Then I say, "Let me see you pay my rent"
Yo I gotta get those dead presidents
Cause rappers in the game ain't makin no sense
You couldn't bust a dollar out of fifteen cents
And now you tryin to front on my jewels and my mint, motherf.
You make me wanna hurt somethin
Word to God, I'ma beat you like you stole somethin
But I'ma chill and flex and cash checks and shine my Rolex
and drink wine; cause baby it's time to make the big time.

[Chorus: Tim Dog]
Big time, laced down, diamonds on my wrist
Sippin Dom P in the limousine
Big time, stay crisp, always makin chips
Makin big moves with the gangsta lean.

[Kool Keith]
You know they small time Tim yo, I blew they cover
I'm bigger than that, I bought them minks for they mother
Willie Bigs ma*sage parlors built in every city
You play games on four-track, your steelo can't MIDI
Your whole entourage is duplicatin "Poppa Large"
With three trailers, Mercedes trucks parked in the garage
You hangin high, you dusted puffin sink lye
My friends are rich, go tell the Feds when you snitch
You fakin moves, with artificial Gotti rules
I'm water repellant, you bounced off my two sacks
My money's in walls, stashed in the mouse cracks

Critics criteria, jealous of my silk interior
I'm big time, with rubber bands built around your mind
My credit is filled in my house packed with ten children
I'm big time
That's right yeah, as I move on, we gotta do this.

[Chorus] - 2X.

[Tim Dog]
I wanna be big time, and make a whole lot of currency
A rich black man is a lot of fun to see
Got mansions with w****e stages, paid my workers minimum wages
I'm known for takin a hundred grand, and bustin 'em down in Vegas
I'm the greatest, high rollin player in the industry
My personal bank account, is United States treasury
Fool that'll be, known to any friend or any foe
Yo you gotta make the dough, get the dough, get the dough
Get those hizzes off your mizzind, business is yo' design
Impact wit yo' mack, cause you gotta make it big time.

[Chorus] - 2X.

[Kool Keith]
I'm not impressed, no quality there, what's on your brain?
You was caught at my table, drinkin cheap champagne
At the fanciest resteraunt, your pockets had no cash
At the drop of a dime, I pulled a hundred out my a*s
Then fed your stomach, you loved it, your girl slurped it
Drunk my brew, you started rappin soundin doo-doo
You got real personal, asked if we make a million
I fronted two rocks, and gave the monkies two billion
Look at me, my watch, your girl felt my peepee
You know why? I'm big time
(Hahahaha! You're not the mafia Tony, cause me and my friend is).

[Chorus] - 2X.

[Tim Dog over Chorus]
Yeah, yeah
So now you know
Gettin money, makin dough
Ha, so don't get it twisted (hahahaha, that's right)
Big time is how we livin (you don't know the families)
Cash is how we live (all of the familes)
Yeah. (we can meet up)
So don't ever forget (have big meetings)
Cause we comin to your town (that's right. you game?)
(Your sicilian brothers will be in - town, will be there)
Kool Keith, Big Time
Pimpin REX is, Big Time
Tim Dog, is Big Time
Cause you know we gotta end this rhyme

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