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Versuri Run
- Uh Huh Her

trimise de Niculae ClaudiuNiculae Claudiu.

All alone in the world and you came and followed
But you gave me lots of reasons and you gave me things to swallow
She cuts you off from everything, and love why don't you run?
You're wasting my time, You're wasting my time here.

Here is the girl you love to care about, girl why don't you run?.

All along I had reason to be hollow
But you came into my life and gave me back my confidence, yes
You are the one you love to care about, girl why don't you run
I'm wasting my time here, I'm wasting my time.

I want to turn you off so I can forget
Nothing that you do will make me regret
You were the one I loved to care about
But now I've got to run
You're wasting my time here, you're wasting my time.

. ♫♥.