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Young blood where you going now
Young blood where you going now

I didn't mind it when you left me honey
But I miss you ain't the truth
I haven't give up hanging on the phone
But all I hear is the proof

(1) One more night and
I'm thinking what's going wrong
You say you love me but
Does love take this long

You paint a picture you tell a story
Oh the tangled web that you weave
I hear the whispers the candid talking
And I don't know> what to believe

(Repeat (1) (1))

(2) Where do all these dreams have broken
Right or left it's stolen stop your running away

Young blood ooh tell me
Where you going now
Young blood ooh tell me
Where you going now

It's never never nothing's forever
Turning gold in our hands
There's no magic it all seems tragic
'Cause it's slipped through our fingers like sand

(Repeat (1))
(Repeat (2) twice)

Run run running away

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