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Versuri Ufo - Reasons love

trimise de Byu-ByutzuByu-Byutzu.

New feel of you runnin' through my vein
Little bit of everything
You know that's what you said

(1) Try hard, try hard to reason, reasons love
Try hard, try hard to reason, reasons love

(2) Cause always you indulge
And parents try to get you out of these jams
You got that envy cause they won't understand

The social life you lead leaves nothin' to desire
Don't wanna see you bleed
But you came on like a liar

(1) Repeat
(2) Repeat

Wrecked myself to love you
All you want is more
One thing you're after
You just try and score

(1) Repeat
(2) Repeat

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