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Versuri Ufo - Love lost love

trimise de Ana_TotoAna_Toto.

Saturday night, all alone
Lookin' for some thrills
Try to catch the bands last song
Back stage pass really showin' out
Feel that's where I belong

Sittin' down, all the big stars at the bar
I really have a rock vocation
Momopemania, schizophrenia
Rise to any situation

(1) Of old lost love, where will you go
When the show is over
Nobody wants to know

(2) We need to feel something that's real
'Cause you're losin' from the start
So be careful with your heart

(2) Repeat

Papa's in the next bed and they're dancing cheek to cheek
And I understand their hot wire conversation
Yes, you're pretty, who needs a pretty face
With a hot lips reputation

(1) Repeat

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