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Versuri The bear
- Tragically Hip

I was first attracted by your scent
Your heart must be a caramelized onion
By the time I saw your flame
it was all over for you and whashisname.

I think it was Algonquin Park
It was so cold and winter-dark
A promised hibernation high
took me across the great black plate of ice.

Now I'm the Islander.
I found a place to call my den
and dreamt of the Ferry and
the Enormous Man
Huge as were his children

following around after him.

I'm the Islander
woke up in the furtive Spring
more capable of anything.

I waited for more men to come
hey docked their boats and cocked their guns
The time for truth and reconciliation's gone
But with my belly full I intended to get
something done.

I'm the Islander
woke up in the dead of spring
more hungry than anything