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Versuri Something on
- Tragically Hip

your imaginations having puppies it could be a video for new recruits just stare into the camera and pretend that you got the flu or dreams of impossible vacations and get all teary from the wind look as though you're standing at the station long after the train came in and see how the space tautens like there's something on and you're never more hot then when you've got something on picture a century of water bury the pipline guy right there kill the dream of possible vacations with the sweep of a mapping pioneer outside there's hetic action the ice is covering the trees and one of em's interconnecting with my cheveroletcaprice black out to phantom power and like there's nothing on and hammering the tower and now there's nothing on we'll ride the monorail rocking gentely home on the trail you wanna to show me the moon i know you're standing at the station i know there's nothing on i know the alienation i know the train's long gone i can see how your face tautens like you've got something on it makes me feel just rotten but you've got something on