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Versuri The dangerous crew
- Too Short

{Too $hort:}
Tell em what we do in here, Dangerous..

Get some drums from a break and then break yo a*s
You want beats from the crew? we'll take yo cash
Five g's for a muthaf***n song
And if you can't pay it, keep movin on
I'm into somethin that your fake a*s never can handle
With your SP-12 and your raggedy samples
Better stick with the James Brown and pay him
Cause the JD-800 ain't even playin
Unless Pee Wee hit them keys
Ant Banks on the beats, now we makin g's
Shorty B got the ba*s and we sellin it
S***t kinda fat like a muthaf***n elephant
Sample that s***t if you want
You better try to sample this dangerous funk
Cause ain't nobody trippin on your fake-a*s tape
Shoulda got some beats from my nigga Ant Banks
But Banks ain't thinkin bout no weak s***t
Now you're goin out like MC Bitch
And ain't nothin worth killin like a sucker
Why you wanna make fake beats, muthaf***ka
Shoulda came real like the Oakland city
Beat your a*s to death with a S-950
It's not a James Brown loop, it's not Parliament
But you can smell it cause it sho' got a funky scent
It's called The Dangerous Crew, make you feel stupid
Play a thousand records and you still can't loop it
Cause it's not to be found, but if you do
Nothin you could try make you sound like the crew.

{Pee Wee:}
Geah man
Just another gangsta kickin tha playa pimp s***t for nine-trey.

When you're with the dangerous crew
Bitches wann hang with you
Think about the thang in you
She can suck a thang or two
Niggas in other gangs wanna hang with you
Learn your slang, made a few fools wanna slang, would you
Tell them bitches they sang or would you
Lie to get that thang cause they gameless
Them aimless, niggas get extinguished
But they're just muthaf***kas
Got bitches duckin suckers
When we come to town, mayn
We rollin fat with dank, ain't f***n with that brown thang
To Shorty B and $hort, we goin international
F***k the local fashion show
Niggas can't be broke
Mhisani for the money f***k a bitch until she dizzy
And me and the bigged-Banks is gettin perkin off Aliz? Big Bob's down with the crew ready to do
Any muthaf***ka steppin to
F. M. Blue and Randy Austin
You're lost when
You thought that you can hang with this
Niggas, this is dangerous.

{Spice 1:}
I'm committin a 187 so gimme the clip and let me - pow
I'm down with the Dangerous Crew, so nigga, whatcha wanna do
The alias East Bay Gangsta, you can catch me peelin caps
Known for killin every muthaf***ka dead in my raps
Nigga, so gimme the clip and let me pow one

Cause everbody dyin on this next f***n album
Dumpin em up in ditches, kill the snitches
Sell a glock to a gee for these playa-hatin bitches
Gets my smob on, gets my mob on
And niggas be talkin the s***t, but yo I'm quick to get my rob on
Cause peelin your cap will put my dick on swoll
Muthaf***ka you, bitch, godddam-a*s hoe.

{Ant Banks:}
It's the Big Bada*s back on that a*s, so it's on, gee
I'm kickin the funky s***t for the gangstas only
Straight dangerous, we cold mack the most
(Yeah bitch) and we do that coast to coast
Now all the macks in the house, just grab your dick
And tell em funky-cock hoes to have a lick
F***kin with the gin and juice, dick hard as a rock
Hoes block to block, so what's up with the cock?
I gotta get it goin on till I reach my peak
With a late night freak everyday of the week
Ant Banks, the hoes keep yellin my name
But I ain't trippin cause a nigga got all the game
>From the streets of Oakland, the City of Dope, and
I'm hopin that the hoes keep the p***y hole open
To a nigga like me cause the p***y is free
Never pay to play cause it's plain to see
That the big-dick gangsta's in the house
And the Dangerous Crew's gonna turn it out
So everybody out there that's talkin s***t
I'ma wash my name out your mouth with my dick
Cause it's a dangerous thang, and I thought you knew
Boy, you can't f***k with the crew.

Clinch your booty cheek, shut your eyes, and grit your teeth
Goldy's bout to explode, I put your s***t to cease
I'm like the wick on a stick of dynamite
Light me up when I find a mic
And watch me flow real tight while you're flowin - kinda tight
Goldy bitches comin tighter than some virgin p***y
If I ever get loose and start stinkin, please douche me
The Dangerous Crew ain't no strangers to
What these fingers do, hang his crew
A cold dead nigga changes blue
The skull and crossbones
Bitches get tossed on, niggas get flossed on
Take your mic and bury it like it's a lost bone
If you was a p***y you'd get f***ked
If you was a dick you'd get circumsized
You better back the f***k up or I hurt them eyes
F***k with Goldy you be hoein
With your shoulder above your stomach in a bow tie
Unbuttoned with your nipples showin
D to the a-n-g-e-r-o-u-s is the true test
In Oakland makin the funk, so won't you stick to what you do best
Keep a dick in your a*s and keep your nine to five
And don't be runnin and rappin about you signed to Jive
And I don't give a f***k if it angers you
F***k you woodhogs, I'm down the $hort Dog and the Dangerous Crew