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Versuri Take my bitch
- Too Short

That's the trademark
Short Dog in the house
And it don't stop to the beat baby.

Verse 1:
Now take my bitch, she won't complain about s***t
Cause I taught her well, she got game for a trick
It aint hard to tell she belongs to me,
I pimped her 15 years in this industry
Now her p***y so big I don't want no mo',
But she still down wit me cuz I raised that ho
Found a bitch in East Oakland broke silly and young,
Don't let her fool ya playa, she aint really dumb
Don't be a sucka and give an old ho new life,
She got so much game ya wanna make her your wife
>From California all the way to Miami,
I pimped that bitch and now the hoes can't stand me
Cuz when I put my bitch on the streets,
Niggas rush to the store cuz they love the beats
We gettin' all the money, we cashin' all the checks,
I aint no fake pimp nigga you can take my bitch.

*DJ scratching "Now take my bitch" *.

Verse 2:
Now do ya think I get mad when you sport my bitch around town,
Never that, cause my bitch is so down
I could send her to Hawaii or out to Nevada,
It really don't matta, my pockets get fatta
Used to go to Las Vegas in the early-eighties snortin' Coke,
Tryin to turn the ladies on to $hort
It was my destiny to pimp these hoes,

(Beyotch) Whole crowd screamin loud at my shows
I've been to every last city with the Dangerous Crew,
And everywhere I went the bitch came through
Makin' money like a real good w****,
Tell 'em whos your pimp bitch, "Too $hort"
On a ten week run back in eighty-nine,
I flipped a brand new Benz, the bitch was so fine
If you want that ho, you can have that bitch,
She won't complain about s***t.

*DJ scratching "Now take my bitch" *.

Verse 3:
Now take my bitch, the kind of bitch all pimps want,
But if you slip and ya pockets get small ya get done
You got to stay up, f***k tryin to come up,
Get your mind off the p***y, always tryin to run up
Cause these bitches like mine, love to work,
Get down in the dirt, get money on the turf
Slang that a*s for daddy bitch,
It's time to get the old caddy whip
One more time, new paint and interior,
New rims, new top and a new be-yotch,
Thats how you say it right,
But $hort Dog say "Beyotch!! " you better make me rich
And thats how it goes, gotta cover every angle,
So if ya takin my bitch aint no need to tangle
Just don't keep braggin' on that used ho,
Let em know, you got the bitch from Too $hort.

*DJ scratching "Now take my bitch" *