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Versuri Step daddy
- Too Short

Step daddy, i know what you want
I come through like the first of the month
Ain't nothing but a holiday
When i f***k my way
I'm her worst nightmare, her wettest dream
We always do that freaky thing
And when i'm coming to her house
I know just what she's all about
Don't waste no time, get in it
Keep on humping til my head starts spinning
Whoop that a*s like a world champ
Break the chairs and knock down the lamp
In my birthday suit, dripping wet
No i ain't tripping how freaky it get
Feeling that sweat on my eyebrow
Nothing can't stop me but nature now
F***g your bitch like them pros do
Something you can't get close to
Born to mack in my drop-top caddy.

Just call me "step daddy" (repeat 3x).

How many mothers in the house tonight, ladies?
How many daddies take care of them babies?
They got to learn to take care of their own
Getting girls pregnant and leaving 'em alone
Fine little bitches, way too young
Met short dog and then gave him some
So why you keep talking about the pg&e?
When all she ever wanted was a man like me
To come through, and do that thang
Step daddy in the house, and i got game
So lock your back doors, check your hoes
Suck on the p***y and lick them toes
Step daddy coming through like a p****o flick
Freak the bitch, now she loves my dick
She let me bust big nuts all in her mouth
And s. d. turned the bitch out.

Just call me "step daddy" (repeat 4x).

Gold-digging bitches in the city of dope

Got it going on like a daytime soap
She's so freaky, she'll make you shout
One on the way and got two at the house
Three different daddies, and all is well
As long as them brothers keep making mail
And it's cool, when i come through
Play step daddy for a minute or two
And then f***k her, that's how it's done
It's not my daughter and it's not my son
So what if your kids start tearing s***t up
I really don't give a f***k
I never get mad about the s***t they break
When i'm around, we eat steak
I let the motherf***kers act bad
Buy 'em toys when they're crying and sad
Could you be 'em? your baby's momma
Turns me on in her freaky pajamas
I come through and make the whole house happy.

Just call me "step daddy" (repeat 3x).

Get freaky, and do it wild
On the floor, doggy style
I get rugburns, on my knees
While your bitch be crying "please
Don't stop" so i don't
I f***k her like i know you won't
Pull out my dick and make her lose hope
Stick it back in and make her take some notes
If that's your bitch, homeboy you'd better keep her
Cause she won't stay off my beeper
You can't f***k her and i appreciate it
Even though i know you hate it
I keep getting that good s***t
S. d. wanna f***k your bitch
Come through and make the hoe so happy.

Just call me "step daddy" (repeat 2x)