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Versuri Hoes
- Too Short

You see some people like to play the dating game
Meet a new freak and ask "what's your name? "
Wine and dine and waste all that time
Spending money on a hoe cause you think she's fine
Holding hands at the movies, waiting much to f***k
Played like a sucker, you should know what's up
Getting dogged by a snotty, fake, broke-*s hoe
Listen to a real dog, cause i know
You get a pretty yellow bitch with that long-*s hair
Fine motherf***ker trying to get with a player
Can't f***k worth s***, old stiff-*s bitch
Tried to get some head and she just kissed my dick
I need a bitch with a beeper, a full time tramp
She can't suck dick like she's licking a stamp
But she can lick it all around, or swallow it whole
Deep throat this big dick and act real bold
You go to sleep, she'll straight rob your a*s
Cause hoes like to steal and take all your cash
And when hoes go to jail, pimps make bail
Take 'em to the stroll and let the p***y sell
Cause to a trick, they're just quick nuts
But to a grandmother, they're like big sluts
And if you're short dog, they look like bank rolls
If i ever go broke i'll just break hoes
Cause hoes were made to be broken
It happens every day in oakland
I need a bitch, that's one thing i know
Put my money where my mouth is and just break that hoe
Two and fro, they like to run in pairs
Hit small towns and sell p***y everywhere
I ain't giving no bitches, no kind of slack
Cause oakland california is where they made the mack.

Prostitution is the oldest profession
Kick back young partner, learn your lesson
Pimp till you die, as long as you know
Pimps ain't nothing but hoes
Getting paid, for everything you say
If a hoe wants to f***k you, she gots to pay
Keep the bitch broke and control the world
Cause when hoes get rich, they call 'em "call girls"
Now ain't nothing like a neighborhood trampy slut
Take a hoe to a spot and let her lick these nuts
Get a square bitch, you gotta lie to kick it

But with a nasty bitch, she'll just lick it and lick it
I had a square bitch, man, she looked way too cool
She said she loved me, but is that true?
She asked me could she be my lady
Wanted so much to have my baby
So what bitch? i popped your cherry
Hell f***king no, i don't wanna get married
Cause can't no bitch hound me
Talking that s***t about a family
I wants no champagne, i drink gin and juice
Bring a bag of ice and watch a ho get loose
Spread the word, we're getting tossed tonight
And please don't trip on the cellulite
I got a fat bitch, sucking on my dick
Every day homie it's the same old s***t
Don't look stupid, hoe, drop them goddamn drawers
Get your a*s in the bed and let's f***k like dogs
On the very first night, we f***ked
I got the p***y, i got sucked
I couldn't wait, she asked me why
I let the answer shoot straight in her eye, bitch.

Hoes are like cum freaks, they suck you dry
The do what you say, and don't ask why
Who said that hoe ain't old enough?
If she could bleed, then she can f***k
Call me "dirty dog" but your cock stank
Motherf***kers think pimps ain't making bank
But the, pimp game just don't stop
You gotta be down to reach the top
I tell all my homies "play these hoes"
Don't eat the p***y and play these hoes
Cause some of these hoes get tore up smoking
Bitches like that you find all through oakland
Miniskirts and no panties on
When it's time to f***k, it don't take too long
And it's mandatory for hoes to simp
Catch other hoes and bring 'em to pimps
So take this game and keep it for life
Never make a hoe into a housewife
Just get a good bitch, a workaholic like holly
Bitch so bold, she'll take a p***s in the alley
And make big bank, it's the p***y is dope
They keep coming back until the tricks go broke
But if that hoe jumps off the track
Another young bitch will bring them tricks right back