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Versuri Gotta get some lovin'
- Too Short

Gotta get some lovin' (repeated).

Too $hort:
Gotta get me some p***y
What's really goin' on?
Yeah, $hort Dog's in the house
Funky Fresh, Biotch.

I seen you walking down the street had to stop
Turned up the radio, dropped the top
Say ya look so good, you're so fine
I'll take ya to my house, we'll spend some time
I know you feel me, you need to find me
And give me head while I'm doin' about 90
Biotch, believe it or not, I'm bout to come up
What's up with the Cop?
I'll get you in my car, let you work that tounge
Drivin' to my house, we'll have some fun
But this ain't no Too $hort freaky tale
Cause right now I'm goin' through a dry spell
Stopped f***' with the hoes, just ride and look
Dip to the house to get the p****o books
Thinkin' to myself I gotta knock a bitch
I gotta get some p***y, man f***k this s***t.


Bounced to the house all by myself
Can't get no p***y and I'm mad as hell
Cause magazines can't even do the trick
I guess I have to watch me a p****o flick
Popped in the movie, they start f***'
He was lickin', she was suckin'
I watched them ol' nasty freaks
Wishin' that s***t might happen to me
I got a beep and got juiced up hommie
Looked at my pager and it said ";Tone Only";
I need a bitch that wanna give me some
Loves givin' head just to make me cum
Freak Nasty all on my dick
Just like the hoe in the p****o flick
I went to bed without f***' a bitch

I gotta get some p***y man f***k this s***t.


I need a bitch, so I can get me some
She'll lick on these nuts and then make me cum
Get real freaky, had her p***y wet
Ease on in like an Oakland vet
Lay your a*s down by the fireplace
Stick my dick in your mouth, let you have a taste
Of this skinny motherf***ker with a big ol' dick
I'll let you ride it right after you lick it
See I come from the city of dope
>From the mouth to the p***y and back down your throat
I gotta get some, I keep thinkin' of s*x
I wonder who'll call my beeper next
I keep callin' hoes, ain't no one home
And like a punk motherf***ker I'm all alone
So I told myself, I'm knockin' a bitch
I gotta get some p***y man f***k this s***t.


Where it's at.

Back on the streets and it's on again
Bumped a little freak named Sonja San
She jumped in the car and we started to ride
Just graduated from Oakland High
18 years, thick as hell
She look kinda young, but my dick can't tell
Ride through the town with my sunroof open
Thinkin' about the p***y, man, just hopin'
Later on, some Hennessay and Tangeray
Will have her a*s so high, I get to f***k today
I hit a corner, and seen her Pops
She waved to him, smiled and told her ";Stop";
I pulled over, looked at her father
He took one look and said, ";You can't mess with partner";
I had to leave without my young bitch
Can't get no p***y man f***k this s***t.

Chorus to fade