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Versuri Call me daddy
- Too Short

[Too $hort]
Yeah baby you know whassup
Tryin to get this money girl
I'ma take you out to Las Vegas, put you to work
Show you how to get this real money, youknowhatI'msayin?.

Chorus: {singers} repeat 2X.

I can't wait til next Friday (next Friday)
That's when a brother gets paid (gets paid)
I've got plenty to drink, plenty to smoke
That's what I'm out here hustlin fo'.

[Too $hort]
We all need to be strong, for the ones we love
Cain't hesitate to help the next man up
Pass the game like it's a hot potato
Gotta do it now and not later
You wanna say somethin, preach it
If you know somethin, teach it
Cause it makes no sense to keep it to yourself
That's how you felt
well you might feel better if you spread yo' wealth
Let it trickle down. cause yo' crumbs
might be just enough for me to get some
I'm tryin to come up, you know I'm comin
but it's hard for a black man without a good woman
If you find one it might be your last chance
You ain't never gon' hold down a black man
You need to choose me, get this money you can have me
Ride in my Caddy, and call me daddy.


[Too $hort]
You've got yo' momma, you know how that is
A good mother's gon' do anything for her kids
But you never kenw your father, he never bothered
Your last boyfriend used to grab you by the collar

for nothin, wasn't even tryin to get money
Fine woman like you, I don't find the s***t funny
You need management, not an amateur pimp
who don't know what to do, when the money ain't cool
I'm a hustler, I always eat good
Fat house in the hood, new shoe on my foot
Things ain't been the same since he put you out
Somethin you ain't never felt good about
Let's get this money, that's what I want you for
Don't make me wait too long, cause life is too short
She said gladly, and then she had me
Jumped in my Caddy, and called me daddy.


[Too $hort]
You tryin to convince yo'self it's the right thing
Once upon a time you had nice dreams
Now you don't sleep good, whatchu thinkin of?
Nobody cain't tell you how to get that love
It's right here, I know you understand me
I'll be your daddy, I'll be your whole family
No stress, never have to worry bout a thing
The best resteraunts, furs and diamond rings
All paid for by the suckers and lames
All you need is me in this m*********n game
To the top, that's where we goin
Where the good green don't stop growin
Don't ever turn on me
Give me everything you earn for me
Be together forever, never lonely
Smoke my last weed, a big fattie
Ride in my Caddy, and call me daddy.