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Versuri Be my dirty love
- Too Short

Ain't nuttin changed. Short Dawg
Sheezee. sheezee.

(singer croons ";be my. (be my) dirty love (dirty love) "; 2X).

Much love y'all
Short Dawg's in this.

Verse One: Too $hort.

I'm high profile, but you can't see me hoe
Got limosine tint like a real CEO
Hands free, talkin on the speaker phone
Handlin my business, just tryin to get my freak on
You know, bitches always beepin me with code 69
I'm real with mine, I make hoes wait in line
Can't f***k em all, and don't want to
Cause some of these tramps might front you (watch out)
You waited six months, I f***ked her on the first date
And so I smoke the green weed to keep my mind straight
It's Friday, doin s***t my way
Me and yo' bitch, rollin down the highway (right)
While you shootin that. she gave it up easy
Fore-a-play and all that, wasn't tryin to tease me
Now you wanna feud, f***k that s***t (slut)
Let's fight behind a lady, not that punk a*s bitch.

(singer croons ";be my. dirty love"; 2X while Short spits).

Watch em. keep your eyes open
Doesn't make sense.

Verse Two: Too $hort.

Now here I go, spittin another verse
Let the pen read my mind cause the s***t ain't rehearsed
I'm so curious, about what this fat bitch have
A big bag of weed and a pack of zig-zags (smokin)
So I kicked it with her, with no intentions to f***k
Smoked up her weed and got my dick sucked (yeah right)
I said I got a lot of money but I'm short on cash
Could you give a nigga some so I can get some gas? (stupid s***t)
She gave me twenty dollars, I know it's small pimpin
But it's mandatory, when I deal with all women (all these hoes)
It ain't gon' be no one-sided, I support her s***t
Just because she hurt, Too $hort got a grip, beyitch!
I break it down, like the beat
Ride you like a motherf***kin seventy-three

Old school, everytime I roll through
All you suckers know who all the bitches go to, Short Dawg.

(singer croons ";be my. dirty love"; 2X while Short spits).

F***k a bitch. they f***k with you main
Foul mouthed little motherf***kers.?.

Verse Three: Too $hort.

It's cause rap music is like sellin dope
Every dollar you invest you get seven mo' (and that's real)
I hope you never ask me, how much it costs
if you can't figure out how the f***k I floss (big ballin)
You better get in where you fit in
cause a nigga like me ain't kiddin (no jokes)
Here come her boyfriend, with that narrow minded s***t
Kissin on the bitch, she sucked e'rybody dick (slut)
Don't get mad, you knew the bitch had flaws
Ridin in the Benz (bitch) dick hangin out my drawers.
. now why she give me head? (why?)
All she ever wanted was to get in my bed
I ain't gotta be a trick to tramp your hoe (nope)
I spit the game like a pimp while I'm ridin chrome
I had a dream I was through, can't sell records
Can't catch hoes, bring em home and get naked (what?)
It's not the first time, I had this dream
But music is my drug and I'm a dopefiend (straight)
The way I put it down, it don't seem too hard
Scorin points like Kareem-Abdul Jabbar (swish)
And if you tryin to catch me, you'll find out fast
what you tryin to do is an impossible task (can't do it)
Cause what I'm doin (can't do that) no rapper ever did it
(can't do that) Eleven albums and I'm still the s***t, bitch!.

(singer croons ";be my. dirty love"; 2X while Short spits).

Can't do that. nah nah. ain't gon' happen
Old school Too $hort, that's right I said Too $hort.

(singer croons ";be my. (be my) dirty love (dirty love) "; 2X).

We go way back, youknowhatI'msayin?
Buy you some motherf***kin business
Get up out the madness