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Versuri Tony Poptamas - The universe

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The Universe
Copyrighted TONO OF NORWAY 1998 music and lyrics: Tony Poptamas

I saw her here, I saw her there and gone
I tell you friend, all I've done was wrong
Now deep inside I feel the pain that hurts
She was my girl and that's above the words

I swear I've tried to be the man she wants
I've smiled at her and feel her in my blood
But now she's gone so tell me what say you
Just tell me things that maybe I should do

Refr: I'm looking back to the skyes we've left
The plain of love and the stars above
It's a universe

I didn't know I much I love that girl
When things went wrong I've found myself alone
Sometimes I feel I'm teasin' all around
About the world I still haven't found




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