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trimise de EuugennEuugenn.

(craigy t)
one set of footprints inna di sand and yuh a grumble and a screw a seh it shoulda be two remember
one thing mi youth a father god have the plan so when
you see one set of footprints a god carry you

(verse 1 (flexx))
hurry up and come back was the last thing she said to her son the day his life was taken she did not
know he would, nt come back he died from the bullet
of a gun and now her little boy is gone

she said help me, lord help me and when she looked up to the sky and she heard a voice reply

when you cry i cry
i cry along with you
when you smile i smile
i smile along with you

(verse 2 (flexx))
another baby left homeless
abandoned when he was two so the street side kids at the shopping mall was the family he knew it's
not easy being homeless sometimes you have to do what
you what you have to do and he did'nt have a mom or dad to help him get through

he said help me, lord help me
and then he looked up to the sky and he heard a voice reply


(verse 3 (bay-c))
it was early sunday morning mi get up a watch the news then mi hear seh friday a seaview dem kill a
youth den mamma tell mi seh her church sister
jacquline just loose her brother over seaview gardens when she tell mi jah jah know ti mash mi up
naah tell nuh lie but yuh know seh man a thuggist so yuh
naah go see me cry everyday and everynight she still a ask the father why her brother had to die she
heard a voice reply


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