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Versuri Tini Maine - Red rum

[Verse 1: Tini Maine]
Who's that nigga? , Mister Tini Maine
Creepin' from the fields wid the murder grippin' Jason mask
Seventeen shot glock twelve guage buckshots
Killin' m*********s in they anna puttin' swords up in they a*s
Fill 'em with the damn knives and put 'em wid family
it's twirkin' and we droppin' time bombs
Til eternal flames come and get you some anna cannon
buckin' kinda fast and there's nowhere you can run
Always stayin' strapped wid the gats in my hood
damn fool never catch me runnin' slippin'
Big Mike, Killa C, Pimp Dad, Mister Black, Tony Fields
ain't nobody slippin' on the rich
Vanish from the scene once again it's the Leprechaun
shoot ya gun, hit 'em wid revenge knock 'em dead
Ninety nine nigga smoked out, get back, pull the strap
got the chain saw to cut ya bitche's head
Blunt just rolled up tight, gimme that mic and
snort this devil's dope
Inhale, exhale head rush gimme the gun
This holy white smoke got me, chokin' in a daze
got my twelve guage tryna make a stang
car jackin' leave ya pockets on the ground
Tryna take my crown get ya a*s found drowned in the
Mississipi river on the eastside ah the town
Kidnap, pistol pack, niggaz gettin' jacked
everyday in everyway and then we bury them alive
Smack him couple times while he yackin' on some swine
caught him from the blind side, why he lookin' in my eyes?
Murder, murder 1-8-7 the reaper's call so here it come
Laughin' blowin' out smoke and takin' his butt out
right under one red rum

[Verse 2: Psycho]
Clickin' and thinkin' bout murder maine
Lucifer got me goin' insane
The devil is dwellin' I'm talkin' bout killin'
Niggaz who cross me and innocent children
Psychotic lunatic puffin' on hash
Thinkin' bout time so I might have to blast
Or sacrifice nina to finish the circle
I saw the trick daughter now where you gon' find her?
If you got anna then step to me real
Strapped or unstrapped, I'm killin' at will
And then by night nigga might blaze up a torch
And puff on a blunt then sit top ah your corpse
No selfish a*s niggaz don't sneak in my click
False hatin' a*s niggaz who pay for a bitch
You probably caught sleepin' you know that I'll have to
Flip the script and then you turn murder backwards

[Verse 3: Villain]
I have went insane, shootin' and killin' up women and
children for nothin' they dog
Mad, includin' the rest of the body parts that I have
cut up in gar-bage, bags
I'm runnin' up out of an old lady's house with my
victim's heart, I'm, scared
because I have raped her and killed her and killed
different children and cut off her, head
Decapitate a m*********a corpse bitch you want me to take
out my gunsmokin' four
What is your name and where am you from? (South Memphis)
I'm called Lucifer
Poppin' my clip in my glock and I'm breakin' up shop
and I'm takin' your soul like I'm Satan and makin' your
bloody body bleed alot
Now, you losin' your mind you losin' your sanity
thinkin' to bail when I'm beatin' up your mom
You got whipped and shame because
you can die like this, like Jeffrey Dahmer
Yearnin' so deep in my soul have you pushin' up daisies
so my niggaz pa*s me the shovel long dirt with the wife
that white bitch went through in the essence
In an ordeal with the devil
Why niggaz won't trifle you Lucifer?
Cause they know that I'll come straight at they a*s
Tell me please tell me why niggaz won't try you?
Because I know that I will down my skimask
Hang a white boy from a pole and then carve him and nail
in his chest then I'll cut out his tongue
I'm a bad nigga on the street runnin' butt naked
wid bloody glock in my hand and the redrum

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