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Versuri Don't hide your light
- Tiesto feat Moti & Denny White

trimise de CopreanCoprean.

Verse 1:
I wanna lay right here,
Get lost under the stars,
Into the color of my life
To get where you are,
I wanna stay right here,
In the light, in my dark,
Faith found us, shivers might falls along.

Don't hide your light from me,
Stuck in bed to gasoline,
I fall out of your lip stain in this dream,
If you don't hide,
If you don't hide your love like me.

Verse 2:
Oh, oh, don't go too far,
Oh, oh, with the keys to his heart,
If the levee breaks don't let me fall below,
For you I'll lose it all
Give up the show.


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