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trimise de CopreanCoprean.

Verse 1:
You were on the way to changing all I know,
You and all the stars are making my heart glow,
Send me in tonight and free my heart and soul,
Tried to stay awake to see the first eyed break.

This is all I ever could need to make the most of it,
Falling into everything, holding onto one another,
Trying to get along in this world full of consequence,
Falling into everything, holding onto one another.

Chorus: (2x)
You're on the last train home again,
(The last train home again)
This is the last song played in vain,
(The last song played in vain).

Verse 2:
Waiting for a sign to lead me down your road,
Walking through the ancients wondering where to go,
Thinking of the words you whispered when we woke,
Light up all the sky and know my warm embrace.


Chorus: (2x)

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