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Versuri Three Six Mafia - Just anotha crazy click

Violent J's-
I choke... nope... thats wack hold up.
I stab you with an umbrella,
then open it cause I'm sick like a diseased Ethiopean.
Alright Hold Up!!!! Wait a second listen!
I peel your cap back with a cannon ball,
I buck 'em all f**k 'em all we standin' tall woooo....
Three 6 Mafia, Insane Clown Posse, and Twiztid!

Juicy J-
We used to... We used to.... We used to rob for them petty
like a gold chain, know a muthaf**ka make it rain, now it's
If you see me on the dope train, I'm the dope man
Cigarettes in muh right hand, ready to make a stain
Old folks scared of eye-gain, at the window pane
they be lookin' wit a migraine
while I catch a drain and you know it's a f**kin' shame
when you in this game tryin' to sell to a sprung lane
I control ya brain

DJ Paul-
Now do muh niggas bust glocks f**k wit us Big C
It's the? buggaz? of the boat, bust a trick make 'em bleed
through his neck through his back nigga cover them hoes
ain't no mess goin' be workin' when you twirkin' with some pros
Automatic rep a carrier challange on the barrier, hang 'em in
the closet
kidnap the treasurer, bandanas on our face we wilin' out like
some cowboys
hoe we need the g's and I'm talkin like NOW BOYS!

(Chorus) x2
Gangsta Boo-
We just anotha crazy click
doin' whatever to get us wild when we pumped up
you ain't anotha bitch I ain't goin' lie, put ya guns up,
show 'em who really runnin' the streets with the calicos

Monoxide Child-
We the click that don't play...
quik to rip ya head off and hand it to Violent J and bury it

I'm on the spree killa for freak without a conscious
bitches we on a mission to bomb s***!
Twiztid, ICP, with the Triple Six Click
Hoes that pop lip, can eat a dick, or get ya neck slit
I'm havin' these memory relapses of bodies up in the caskets
with no heads Monoxide foolin' wit tha dead!

Jamie Madrox-
We rollin' deep on the lawn with the psychopathic leathers on
you slingin' stones? so come bring it on
when gettin' drunk at ya funerals treat us like we criminals
we juggalo individuals!!!!!
We just anotha crazy click... ICP, Twiztid, Triple Six!
All up in this bitch and we runnin' s***t
we doin' drive bys on all yall wit chain saws
here I come redefined, rugged and raw!


Violent J-
We just anotha crazy click to f**k around and bury ya
takin' care of ya we the scrarier tha malaria
I walk around your neighborhood like Frankenstein
chokin' anybody i find i'm takin' mine

Shaggy 2 Dope-
Ya muthaf**kas can't get near it, cause ya fear it
look in my glass eye, I'm sick like Lou Gherig
I don't know Judo but I go 'Kheeya! '
I'll f**k you up so bad a wheel chair couldn't see ya!

Violent J-
Listen... You hear that slut?
That was me! pullin' this stick out ya butt!
I'm a juggalo serial killa instead screamin' f**k ya'll
I stab bitches wit a chain saw!

Shaggy 2 Dope-
We walk around countin' the rocks, beatin' scrubs up
and raidin' tin dogs face I throw the dubs up
we tearin' clubs up Down South Wit D

Three Six yall.... Twiztid, and I. C. P

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