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Versuri Three Six Mafia - Jus like us

DJ Paul-
Yeah, run bitch. Run hoe! Ya nice motherf**kas!
Y'all jealous a*s bitches!
You know what I'ma call y'all? Some Jello niggas.
Cuz y'all jealous of us, bitch.
Every motherf**ker in our camp ridin clean, nigga.
Y'all know the motherf**kin score.
And this one right here is dedicated to you [censor beep].
It's dedicated to you, nigga.

DJ Paul-
They wanna dress like
Wanna sound like
Wanna be like
Ride like
Get high like
Make cheese like
The motherf**kin Three 6, bitch you got a problem wit em?
The motherf**kin Three 6, hoe you got a problem wit em?

Lord Infamous-
I'm from the part of Tennessee called SPV, Spray Pesty Varments
Catch ya busta boy, I beat em; blow em up outta his dorments
Punk a*s niggas be tryin ta stick a light up under me, like some
Don't make me grab the case that's fulla the weapons and hand ya
? the bombing?
Bitch ya killin me, besta be eatin some porridge, you got some
Punk motherf**ker don't make me go get that there uzi up under
the storage
Bitches, bloody Satan waiting???
Armageddon soldiers comin to???

Crunchy Black-
You trying to be like me, you can't be like me
It's hard ta be me, like them stunts on TV, g
You see me, hustlin, workin my muscle-in
Puttin my 2 cents where it can be trusted-n
You musta been a silly fool
Thinkin you could wear my shoes, damn fool
I walked a mile, I hauked em down
I understand now, why everybody don't wanna frown

(Chorus) x2

DJ Paul-
1 thousand: Your kid kidnapped and f**ked in the mouth
2 g's: Wife never seen again, but nothin to brag about
3 thousand: Car blown up, house burnt to the ground

4 g's: Run up in ya weak a*s show, lettin off rounds
5 thousand: Best friend found naked and decapitated
6 g's: Yo broke a*s barried alive cuz yo a*s hated
7 g's: He ain't even workin on killin, nigga myself dead
Catch em in tha haven put somethin hot up in his head

Juicy J-
I'm real from the junt (junt)
Never was a punk (punk)
North Memphis bound bitch, buck a*s hell and crunk (crunk)
You might catch me deep (deep)
On your f**kin street (street)
Buckin wit the tech-9, sweep you off yo feet (feet)
Drankin on that liquour (liquor)
Chillin wit my niggas (niggas)
Hangin on the corner, wit a f**kin rusty pistol (pistol)
Step up to me hoe (hoe)
When you on that blow (blow)
I'ma (gunshots: pop pop pop, pop) till you hit tha flo (flo)

(Chorus) x2

Koopsta Knicca-
Please don't test the wrist or steel this
Waitin for she tell, pop, every style mystic
Pimp s***, hits never miss those red
Settin you a miss, when I spray the AK
Plus I flex-a hella gay, will you catch a boy?
Ever since a boy, always had black toy
So we ain't goin out, no punk, I'm knockin out y'all
Dead body, froze, ? hard puss in my jaw?

Gangsta Boo-
Well all them hoes that used to be down with me
I signed a deal, made some money, now you bitches downin me?
Bitches tryin ta blast at me,
or am I dreamin the motherf**kers be after me?
Why you tryin ta be like me? You labelled as a wanna-be.
You ghetto hoes, you need to read a bonus Gangsta Boo
Cuz you might find a tip, bitch, that can help you.
I'm a down chick
Niggas be wantin ta crown chick
Stay around chick
Whenever, however, it's goin down, bitch.

(Chorus) x2

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