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Versuri Three 6 Mafia - Are you ready 4 us

Three 6 mafia
Hooked up with the motherf***kin' dayton family
Are ya'll ready for us
Bring the pain
Bitch ya'll ain't ready for us
Miphia style
Flip time
Rollin' like dees
Smoke the trees bitch

[Chorus x2]
We mafia, is it too much (we mafia mafia mafia ya)
Are you ready for us (we mafai mafia mafia ya)

Cause it's the 1990 triple 6 2000

Mixtures of sin and gin on sight
Cut the wings off an angel
On both sides
I'm suin'
All them suckas
State your last name first
Meyers, michael
Lord is killin'
Three 6 killin'
What else will i say
Even children
Probably don't give a f***k if you are naughty or nice
At night
Good bye, lights out

[juicy j]
Can you feel me
Can you hear me
Did you pick the scene
A lot of fools done f***ked around town
Showed up in your dreams
Standin' in a hideaway
Inferred, them guns spray
Gotcha shakin'
Gotcha nervous
Knowin' not how to get away
Lookin' out the window pane
Cause all your gonna feel is pain
In your yard i see a tree
I also see your body hang
See the phone
Pick it up
The wire that is only cut
I meant to pray
Your still gonna die
Too late bitch
Your time is up

[Chorus x4]

[dayton family]
What the f***k you wanna do
Be a victim of my homicide
If you try to jack
I'll leave you dead head in the g ride
And creep up out my vehicle
And continue my jack move
Still gat under the dirt
Now put it up in your hand
Now ain't that smooth
Snooze motherf***ker
Move motherf***ker
Loose motherf***ker
Put your face down to the floor
And don't you take a look up
I heard about what you cook up
See bitch this is a stick up
I'm takin' you off your tippy toes
Take your cheese
And f***k your hoes
Givin' you crack sacks, macks back in your cadillacs
Drop glock in my draws
Extra clip up under my balls
My dick's like a 44
F***' up your p***y wall
You ran your lip about your grip
And i'm takin' in on the stash box
Your pockets are swoll hoe
And i'm lookin' for a jackpot
I wear a mask on my face
So i won't catch a case
Keepin' it low key
Don't nobody know me
I'm just like a snake
When i creep through your window
So motherf***k the cops
Cold hard on me kin though
So motherf***k the 5-0
It's all about survival
I leave them like d-o-a
Bitch that's dead on arrival

[Chorus x4]

Cause it's the 1990 triple 6 2000

[dj paul]
Give'em two
To the head
Three to the neck
And the other f***kin' tip
Too his motherf***kin' chest
Gotta buck him down
Gotta buck him down town
Talkin' bout' these clowns
Talkin' s***t up in my f***kin' town
Since he ain't dead yet
Check his head
Check his chest
Playa should have guessed
He was strapped with a f***kin' vest
Hoe you should have known
You was f***kin' with the triple 6
We bust
I knew you wasn't ready for us

[gangsta boo]
Am i too much
To avoid, can't you f***k with us
In the lexus truck with juicy j
Getting f***ked up
Tearin' the club up
What be bumpin' on the radio
Mafia is what i'm screamin'
Till the day i die hoe
More game for the lame
Educate them bitches man
Stay in focus
Hocus pocus
Tryin' my best to maintain
High as the sky
Is why it's my business bitch
Open up your own f***kin' account
And get up out my s***t

[Chorus x4]

Cause it's the 1990 triple 6 2000

[crunchy blac]
6 bitch
So don't you f***k with this click
Cause if you f***k with this click
You'll get a little of this (gun shots)
You must don't know who you f***kin' with bitch
Cause we leavin' bodies in body bags
Drop em' off in a ditch
Know i mean kid
Know i mean kid, huh
See we come from
A natural bomb
A natural gun
A natural gimme some
Don't make me make your body numb trick
And have you hollerin' out mafia mafia mafia mafia

[koopsta knicca]
Stick em' dead
Kill em' dead
Rush them tricks on down to the flo'
With north memphis convicts
Bithces call me koopsta hoe
F***k me once never twice
Wrapped up on that game of dice
How can i lie
When at nine hundred times
You said you was a man of the house
I don't really done it
Koop you hung around that nigga man
Try so hard to be a soldier bitch
But come out to be dealt with trick
I'm sick in the head
Better call fred
Dirty red
Yeah, yeah you gon' look
Too late f***kin' fool
Cause you drownin' in your poo poo

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