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Versuri Threat - Sucka free

Rollin down the 'Shaw, niggaz lookin at me
all crazy, but they don't fade me
The niggaz just made cause the hoes they got, got the hots
So they stare at a playa all on my jock
He knew like I knew, the ho could be tooken
so the nigga keeps lookin, I'm not tryin to take yo' bitch
The rules of a pimp, hoes, you know
If the ho choose then you lose
Cause of the fact that I'm a mack and I can't hold back
s***t from these punk-*s tricks
You better leave that ho and tell that old look ho you're free to go
and find somebody else out there that need your punk-*s
I can't f***k with a bitch like you
Ain't no tellin what yo' a*s might do
(?) and Superman gon' have to come and get me off yo' a*s
cause I'ma straight be trippin
You won't find another nigga like me
Not even Spike Lee can paint a picture, how it's gon' hit'cha
Cause it's a lot of niggaz losin they souls over hoes
and while I'm f***kin 'em they buyin 'em clothes
but never smell the Folgers, I told ya, uhh
Killa Cali ain't even safe for a soldier

So I suggest you wipe the S off yo' chest, and tuck in yo' cape
and plan yo' escape and set suckers free

Nine-deuce was the truce, now it's nine-trey
Now everybody say Anybody-K
So what do you? A nigga run up on you
A nigga run up on me, he THROUGH
Cause niggaz ain't playin, niggaz ain't playin
Half these mark niggaz couldn't stay where I'm stayin
where it's black, black, black as a cat
So when the moon come out have your a*s in the house
And don't hit no wet hooters, cause intruders
be comin tryin to get busy, don't be dizzy
I'm not a warlock or a witch, can't stand a snitch
Never will I switch from a man to a bitch
cause I'm the, new rule, the six-shooter
I drink eight, cause only bitches drink coolers
From state to state, I don't care how great
Around here, they carry no weight
And for you window cleanin tricks at the gas station
Can't lie to me, I know your a*s basin, broke
Busted, disgusted, and not to be trusted G
.. cause I'm sucka free

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