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Versuri Thousand Foot Krutch - Rhime animal

Get Funky!

Who woulda guessed,
We'd be doin' it like this,
For all the brothers who can't handle this,
Thousand Foot takin' up mad space,
Too much so that we could wipe out,
We got that classic touch,
Nothin' changed,
Still representing the same, boy,
You betcha,
The intellectual,
It's all about smooth texture,
We can be like wanna get it on quick,
Slick, When the riff hits yah,
Eardrum, and the word sticks,
Like think quick,
When in doubt who you goin to?
Who you owin' to,
On the other end,
Who's gonna be your friend?
Just a little something to think about, no doubt,
Thousand 'bout to let the rhime animal out
We be rockin' on till dawn and back again,
When you here the jam turn the volume back up to ten,
I love music and,
Can't imagine bein' here without it,
Turn it up so your neighbors all hear about it!

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