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Versuri Thirstin Howl Iii - Like mother like son

feat. Victoria Quinn

[Thirstin Howl III talking]
Ay yo
This joint dedicated to my mom right (I love you ma)
She taught me exactly what life taught her
And what the streets taught her
And when she died I felt like I was three years old again
And we were walkin across the street and she let go of my hand

Chorus: Thirstin Howl III w/ Victoria Quinn (repeat 2x)
Why it hurts like this
Won't go away, won't go away
The pain won't go away

[Thirstin Howl III]
Concealed stress, realness
No more tears left
When it hurts like this
Streets and crimes taught each respect
God take me instead, take me instead
Same color hair, same color of eyes
Her criminal record longer than mines
Got caught sleepin, peep it
She bought me a twenty-five when I got stuck for the sheepskin
So, so senseless
When trough the??? together cold and fenceless
Handled it like a man, I'm grown
I give up my life for one Thanksgiving with my moms home
Hurt like this, taught me how to be me
Put her mug shot on the back cover of my CD
Not a doubt I was proud
No jail she ever been in when it was not her house


[Thirstin Howl III]
Without one thought
No mother's love short
Ten I will rise to visit me up north
When nobody else came, nobody else came
When nobody else came, nobody else came
Love and passion
Couldn't get my baby's moms to send me a package
Don't disregard, the system's hard
The only nigga wearin Gucci sneakers in the yard
It is written in family tradition, prison

Moms snuck me razor blades during visits
Brought my kids and sent me pictures
If you left me lonely told me don't rely on this bitches
Hurt like this, when it hurts like this
I never knew that it could hurt like this, eat my word right chess
Arrested, aggression lessons
Are diplomas some departments of correction
What the streets taught you
You taught your son with all your love
My uncle's knife when I was old enough
Gun separate from 007
Come of both entrance back yard porch terrorist


[Thirstin Howl III]
Light candles, hold rosaries, have moralies
If your spirit came out to talk to me
I got a lot to say, broke a lot of pocket space
Every promise brake my spit probably stains
Yours truly, convicted by jewelry
In your coffin made sure you wore your jewelry
Why did God have to divide
Bought you a Mother's Day card after you died
Like mother like son
Sacred sanctions, heart stainless
Bold statements, ten by eight inch
Hung up her mug shot as inspiration
Hurt like this, it shouldn't hurt like this
My two bullet wounds didn't hurt like this
Why it hurt like this, it hurt like this
Nobody in the world should have to go through this

[Victoria Quinn singing]
I never really left you
You're not by yourself
I'm always right beside you
Even when you runnin rounder and crime
I never really left you
You're not by yourself
You're my baby and I love you
I never leave you I'm just in the sky

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