Death becomes you - versuri Thirstin Howl Iii |
Death becomes you - versuri Thirstin Howl Iii |

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Versuri Thirstin Howl Iii - Death becomes you

feat. Richie Balance
[Richie Balance]
Death becomes you.. it just becomes you
Death real - yo, look at, look at you
Y-y-you look pale.. you just a dead man walkin
Bouquets, thrown beside your grave
Reverand gave such a great ceremo-ny
Drink the wine, eat the bread cracker

Send my regards to God
Tell him thanks that he took your life and not mine, fresh pine
Hand-carved shrine, red cushion for a dead weight
Dirt nap, earthworm bait
Sleep in heavenly peace, or should I say pieces
Pray for a guardian angel, hold your St. Lazarus
Cause the power, of lead powders, that showers
out of this uzi is ferocious
It will leave more holes in you than golf courses
Do you know who the shooter is? Take a wild guess
I dare one of you m*********s get out of line
There's a person tryin to skip
If any movement, steel will, begin firin niggaz like pink slips
Never feel threatened by no one
Show guns, show's done
Kill one redrum, all run, seek cover
Dippin like onion for shelter

[Thirstin Howl III]
Death.. becomes you
like a accidental shootin in New York City's public schools

Death.. becomes you
Kidnap situations where the suspects does what he wants to
Death.. becomes you
Electric chair after found guilty on murder courtroom
Death.. becomes you
Life so hard I make death feel comfortable

[Richie Balance]
A life, given, a life taken
Quick as the snap of a finger, you linger
on to your last breath temperature hot as ginger
Clutchin your fist, you can't fight death
In this bout my dear child forget winnin
When it's your time to go, there isn't any resistin
This in God's hands to hold
Layin in your deathbed, eyes closed, sweet dreams
No more tomorrow, morning, just mourning
a lost one that you cherished, I pray on your behalf
Bless your soul and all of those who have passed
See you at the crossroads where Allah, is the traffic guard
I know how hard it may be to lose somebody that once was
a warmhearted, kind human being
Seein tears flare like Bic
from the eyes of people who were supposed to be strong, and hold it in
Be thankful, memories last forever
Look on the bright side, it's so delightful

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