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Versuri Therion - Dark princess naamah

First invocation:
In my deepest mood
Hear my call for you 'o mighty one
My protector above
Let me share your sights
Take me far away
Let me ride with you
On the back of the red great dragon
I am daemon Tabaan

Hear my call
Demon Empress
The second face of Lilith

The revelation:
I'm on my way into your domains
And I will find you, I seek not in vain
I'll cross through your deserts
I'll cross through your seas
Beyond the black mountains until you appear

I'll tame the beast
I'll ride the storm of death

Second invocation:
Lepaca Lilith Ruach
Badad Arioth
Naamah Samolo Sched
Opun Lilith Ama
Naamah Samolo Shed
Layil Naamah Rimog
Arioth Lirochi Lilith
Lepaca Lilith Rauch
Naamah Samolo Shed
Arioth Lirochi Lilith

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