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Versuri Theodore Unit - Punch in, punch out

[Intro: Trife Da God]
Uh-huh, punch in, punch out
Come on, aiyo, aiyo

[Trife Da God]
You'se a has-been, always will, always have been
That garbage you pumpin', you need to save it for the trash bin
You wonder why these fiends ain't coppin' your dirt
Cuz you makin' it bad for business, and you stoppin' my work
I put, too much time on the grind, to take an L
And I be damned, if I'm out on the strip, you make a sale
You faggot a*s nigga, you scared to break a nail
When nowadays, all this weight that I'm movin' can break a scale
I'm the hood's number one distributor, with the buddha
Got it all in my shopping mall, I'm tryin' get this loot up
Man, and I've been put that suit up, fam
F***k a 9 to 5, a nigga gon' move those grams
And as long as the business is booming, ya'll gonna witness the movement
Got O. G. 's try'nna get in the union
But as of right now, it's just an illusion
Cuz it's nothing for a nigga, like me, to go back to robbing and shooting

[Chorus 2X: Trife Da God]
We got jumbos, tens, twenties and fifties
On the clock every minute, and we movin' it quickly
Punch it, punch out, we puncture, with gun out
If ya'll niggaz ain't equipped for the strip, don't come out

[Trife Da God]
We play them corners, like kids, you misbehave, gettin' paid
And the same spot, until niggaz finish, they last grenade
I know that hustling's a strenuous job
But if you see niggaz gettin' money, why should you continue to starve?
Especially if your only choice is to mow get the yard
But that's even a better reason, for the boy to get hard
They same I'm all about the moolah, dummy
And if you was a fiend, out on the mission, betcha, you'll cop from me
Got you relapsin', collapsin', spendin' Benji's and Jackson's
Get it here, cuz over there, they got twenties of aspirin
And my clientele been so strong, for so long
That you'll never catch the kid in the hole, like Saddam
Cuz my name in the hood, keep the projects on the hunt
And I walk around these streets, like my pockets got the mumps
So I don't got to show you how to stunt
I'mma just, handle this package and show you how to pump

[Chorus 2X]

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