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Versuri Trust issues
- The Weeknd

trimise de Denote_DoodyDenote_Doody.

[Verse 1]
All she cares about is money
And the city where she's from
Her intention is the paper
She don't need no f***g love
She spilling all this liquor
Trying to pass me all these cups
Well babygirl, I'm zoning
Somebody should've told her.

I popped one
F***k it, I popped one
Oh girl, I'm on one
I popped one.

[Verse 2]
Girl, I'm lying, I'm on a few
Don't you worry, this ain't new
Can we take this to your spot?
I'm on eviction number 2
Cause I popped one.

F***k it I popped one.

Trust issues.

[Verse 3]
Do you know what's going on over here
[I do, I do, I do]
Have you even bothered to look?
[I did, I did, I did]
Well if you know, then let me know
We don't gotta be running in these circles
No more