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Versuri The Wallflowers - When you're on top

I need a bed
That nobody? s slept in
I need some air
Nobody? s been breathing
I need a thought
That I can believe in
Is this fog
Or is the building really burning
I need you
Much more than ever
I? m making new friends
But none of them matter
Maybe now
We don? t fit together
But you? ve got your arms around
No one but strangers

I feel fine
With the sun in my eyes
The wind in my hair
When I? m falling out of this sky
I? m doing better than I thought I would
But nothing? s ever as good
As when you? re on top

I want to wake up
And just start running
Into a ditch
Or straight up a mountain
I want to get
Where no one been gettin?
Make it deeper than hell
Or make it higher than heaven

I need someone whose price hasn? t been met
When everybody? s disappearing
By the minute
There isn? t anyone left
I haven? t meet yet
Well I remember
When they hadn? t gotten to you yet

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