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Versuri The Streets - It's too late

trimise de Kristyn_NicolKristyn_Nicol.

She said meet me at the gates at 8
Leave now don't be late
She said one day she'd walk away cos I was always late
Thought things were ok
Didn't care though anyway
Say sorry babe, I had to meet a mate, tempting fate
We first met through a shared view, she loved me and I did too
It's now 7:50 getting, ready better be nifty
Do my hair quickly, step out it's cloudy
Mate bells me to borrow money, I got two Henry's and a dealer to pay
Call upon geezers to rid these green trees of my reeking jeans
Got a you think I care air outglaring geezers stares
I'm here and I'm there
Couldn't see past the end of my beer
What was getting near, all the silence after the cheers


I didnt know that it was over
'Till it was too late
But if ever needed you
Would you be there

She said meet me at the gates
Don't be late, but pretty soon the day came for change
And I was glad she never walked away
So I'm choosing what to wear, doing my hair with an hour to spare
When my life went pear, she'd been there with a thick stare
Big wheel climed to the top, geezer scares bounced off
Standing at the top of this huge mountain, smiling and shouting
Spring flowers sprouting, not one inch of doubt in my mind as I reached the gates
Came round the corner at a rate
Risked her love but I'm gonna set things straight
Never again am I gonna be late
Never again am I gonna be late
Never again am I gonna be late


I said meet me at the gates
Leave now don't be late
I waited for a while listening to her voicemail, mind set sail
Then the facts turned me pale, wind rain and hail
My fears unveiled, for my fair female
She'd walked away, too little too late
I step up the pace, walk past the gates, rain runs over my face
Spirit falls from grace
I purchase a hazy escape at the alcohol place in the chase
Sat down I got a fat frown
Weaping and drowning my senses
For this love game's expensive
I walk in a trance
Got a wounded soldier stance
The everyday geezers stares throw me off balance
Now nothing holds significance
And nothing holds relavance
'Cause the only thing I can see is her elegance

[Chorus] 2x

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