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Versuri The Shorts - Annabelle

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Refrain :
Annabelle, la plus belle fille de Bruxelles
You are the most exciting girl for me
I love you so ma belle amie
Annabelle, la plus belle fille de Bruxelles
I wanna ask you will you dance with me?
I love you so ma belle amie

I went to Brussels one fine day
And saw her walking down the Place du Marché
So I went up to her and I said hey
Would you like to go to a nice café
But she said no and walked away
And I found out she was a local DJ
She played the hits until the break of day
She made her way on the Place du Marché


Sometimes in English sometimes French
She would announce the records one by one
I tried to talk but there was so much noise
That I had to shout and I lost my voice
So I end up to write a song
That would say anything I had to tell
Caus' at the disco in Brussels I fell
For Annabelle my Annabelle

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