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trimise de Richie_Us5Richie_Us5.

i'm just like your friends.
i sit solid until the timing's bad and then i take my bow and leave.
i'm so loyal, i'm so loyal, trust me please.
see, nothing's new when you've got no limits
and you can test your keyboard's strength
to talk you through the rough nights,
the dead ends, the fist fights, and all your broken teeth.
see, every model has a weakness and every child has a spot for toys,
so if we take the two and we mix them through she'll have the dead-on logic for boys.
and i'm trying to keep you in line,
but the city's saying "oh darling, you're mine".
and your smile says you've got it together
but your eyes are telling me it's not true.
so every weekend when you're living singing "life is short"
you better think again 'cause growing up's the longest haul,
i don't think that i will.
so when the lights go out you better crack the door,
everyone's waiting singing "ay bay bay! young love is fleeting".
and i'm trying to keep you in line,
but the city's saying "oh darling you're mine".
and you're words say you've got it together now,
but you think that love is just a pretty lie.
so go ahead and make your move and shake it up and make it feel like love.
and when he's telling you you're pretty,
so so pretty keep his eyes above.
apologies and empty pickup lines that turn on dimes,
he's got so much. baby don't let it work,
you know it never never works, except what he said was...

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