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How should I know
The world is dry,
That friends are here
Because we cry,
The only sounds
That like to fly
Are words of love
That never die..

And if you ever want to go, baby, take my soul with you, 'cause
There's no place for me to rest.. if I don't hear your name

I couldn't see
A million stars,
My eyes were closed,
No Venus, no Mars.
I had no letters
To build my words
I tried to build
A thousand worlds


But what I did
I did alone,
I killed your world of
Flash and bone,
How should I start
What should I do,
No thousand prayers
No song will do!

My heart my flesh,
My eyes my bones,
I tried to build
Like water and stones
An universe for you
And I will ask you
To let me run
Around your sun


Your world is now unbroken
Your name is now unspoken
Your soul is now so precious
So let me, baby, join your world

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