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Versuri The Mushroom Story - Kids

trimise de Punk_Ma-TaPunk_Ma-Ta.

When I was small i used to bang my head on the wall!
Lay down and bleed on the cold f***n floor!
Get my a*s kicked every Sunday morning...
Cry all day till that s***t got boring!
No achievements baby! NO FUTURE!
When I'll grow up, I'll grow up to be a loser!
But one day... they found my face in the magazine,
The stupid kid is coming home in a limousine!

So what if grew up in the hood!
So what if I'll rap for food!

There's something wrong with the kids nowday,
They all drink, they all smoke, They all act gay,
And when they're sick of jacking off to all that porn
They put they're levis black jeans and a t-shirt with Korn

So what if I say f***k a lot
So what we were born to rock

It's alcoholic teachers and kids with guns!

Mummy said I'm not allowed to hardcore dance!

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