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Versuri The Monkees - Randy scouse git

She's a wonderful lady and she's mine, all mine
And there doesn't seem a way that she won't come and lose my mind
It's too easy humming songs to a girl in yellow dress
Been a long time since the party
And the room is in a mess

The four kings of EMI are sitting stately on the floor
There are birds out on the sidewalk and a valet at the door
He reminds me of a penguin with few and plastered hairs
Talcum powder on the letter, and the birthday boy is there.

Why don't you cut your hair?
Why don't you live up there?
Why don't you do what I do
See what I feel when I care?

Now they've darkened all the windows
And the seats are naugh-a-hyde.
I've been waiting for an hour,
I can't find a place to hide.
The being known as Wonder Girl
Is speaking I believe.
It's not easy tryin' to tell her
That I shortly have to leave.

Why don't you be like me?
Why don't you stop and see?
Why don't you hate who I hate,
Kill who I kill to be free.

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