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Versuri The Monkees - Mr. webster

Ev'ryone in town knew Mr. Webster;
He worked at the bank for forty years.
And each week Mr. Frizby made his check out
For sixty-eight dollars clear.

And thru the years he thwarted twenty-seven robberies
And each time Frizby promised him a raise.

They gave a retirement party for Mr. Webster
Everyone from the bank was there.
They had a cake and flowers ordered special
And Frizby had a speech prepared.

And a little white box that held a watch with this inscription
"To Mr. Webster, with regards. "

Then came the telegram from Mr. Webster
Said, "Sorry... stop... Cannot attend..
I've flown away and taken all your money
Wish you were here to help me spend. "

And one by one all the people left the party
And Mr. Frizby locked the door.

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