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Versuri The Marker - Yahweh!

trimise de MsbutterflyMsbutterfly.


I'm not the loser,
Or just simply a user,
I'm a warrior, I am fighting in this game.
And I am fighting for a kingdom cause
I am fighting to bring that something that was lost.

And now I'm shouting from the bottom of my heart
I want to change this world and send it wide apart.

Chorus (X2) :
And i sing YahWeh,
I fly YahWeh,
I sing YahWeh,
I can touch the sky, yeieee

I'm not that special,
Or that different from you at all,
I'm the pilot, I'm just flying high this plane.
And I am flying through the darkest storms,
I am flying to bring back light and hope to the lost.


Chorus (X2)


Fighting yeee
To prevent the lost.
To prevent the lost.

Chorus (X3)

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